Scarhoof’s Scribbles #001


Did you feel that?


Another one? So soon? You think he’s the one?

We will have to see.

Dear August:

I only had one creeper blow up on me today, I guess I could call that a success.

I’m doing okay, surviving at least. Things aren’t as bad as I thought they would be. I did get pretty hungry though. I won’t lie, I was a bit worried I wouldn’t have enough food after my first day here. Luckily I managed to find a sheep and a couple chickens to tide me over.

I managed to get a small farm going, and harvested enough wheat to make some bread, so I’ll have a backup once I run out of meat.

I’m still living in a hole in the ground though, maybe I should put in some stairs if I’m going to keep going up and down? I wish you could see the vibrancy of the sunsets here. They are simply breathtaking. I could watch them over and over, and I think I will, whenever I can. the entrance to my little hidey-hole faces west so I can see if the sun is going to go down or tell if it will become daytime soon, so that is a plus.

I went on an adventure too! I built a boat and did some sailing around, found another island not too far away. There were more animals there, and I found another tree that wasn’t oak! Imagine that! two colors of wood! Mostly they’ll all be used as sticks, but I think this color would look really good as a fence. Maybe I’ll send you a picture once I get it up and you can tell me if I should keep it or go with the oak color.

I might have to build a fence for more than just the garden area. Nighttime can get a little hectic, but I have managed to find a little bit of iron to craft some tools and weapons to help me survive a little better.

All-in-all I’m handling things. I am lonely though. All the local monsters are too angry with me to want to befriend me. Not that I would want to be friends with them anyway. One wants to eat my face, the other wants to shoot me. Don’t get me started on creepers! Oh, did you know there are witches out here too? I had only heard about them in stories, but they are real! My heart was pounding, swinging wildly, I nearly dropped my sword! Somehow I managed to kill her before she hit me with any potions! She had some glass bottles. Not sure what to use them for but I will see if I can find a use. Maybe I can send you a message!

The only thing I don’t like about this island is how tall it is. Seriously! you have to jump and climb up some pretty steep areas to get to the top! Maybe I’ll have to do something about that later.

But for now, I guess I should get some more trees planted and maybe do a little decorating in my hidey-hole. It really could use some furniture or something. Maybe I’ll send you a picture and you can recommend what I should do!

Anyway, I hope things are going well, don’t forget to write!



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