Talga Vassternich Part 6

Read Part 5 First

Pulling up schematics in his HUD and attempting to work in the cramped little space, Max worked furiously as the O2 meter continued to edge closer to the 5% alarm that would expose his location to the biters.

When he was done, he held it up. A poison capsule. Normally instrumental in clearing out large pockets of worms, he wondered why he hadn’t used them in his last big fight. He didn’t have enough materials for a full one, but he didn’t need one. He only needed a tiny portion of it in fact, just enough to burn a hole through the thick hide of the worm to let air in so he could continue breathing.

That was until the biters discovered him hiding inside their kin.

He broke off a small chunck, careful to stow the remainder in his suit for safe-keeping. No telling when a medium-sized, slightly-used poison capsule might come in handy. It was morbid to think about, but it might be a better way to go then being torn limb from limb by an angry biter mob.

Careful to not let the piece touch the sides of the worm, he clutched it in his gloved hand as he pushed out toward the wall of the worm.

He opened his hand and pressed his palm against the thick inner-hide of the worm, clenched his eyes, and pressed at hard as he could, trying to seal in the poison to go outward, and not fill the small cavity that was currently keeping him alive.

Through his suit, he could feel something bubbling and churning, it seemed to be working!

Suddenly, his HUD lit up. His O2 was under 5%! It blinked again. How many blinks until his suit would begin alarming?

It blinked again.

He couldn’t afford to have the alarm go off. He still had a few minutes of O2 left, he just needed silence for a little while longer.

The only way to turn off the suit’s protections was to make it so that it wasn’t protecting a human any longer.

He thought fast, trying to parse out any other options, but he wasn’t able to.

At last, and only after taking in a deep gulp of air, did he crack the helmet on his suit, releasing the pressure, and disengaging life support just as the alarm began to sound. Luckily the piercing tone was cut off just as the speakers were ramping up, still not fully engaged. Based on the continued rocking motion of his entourage, they didn’t notice it either.

the light pressure of the planet combined with the sickening smell of the innards of the worm. Max wretched. He couldn’t afford to bring in more air, as the highly-toxic atmosphere would wreak havoc on his lungs with even one breath.

He pushed out again, straining to keep his cool, and not breath in, something he normally did to maintain his composure. This time it would mean his life.

Light began to fade as he continued to grind the poison capsule into the hide of the beast until at last, success! He could feel the pressure weaken against his hand, and a cool flow of air streaming into his small cavity, past his arm. A light whirring sound of the scrubbers kicked on as the suit began refilling it’s stored O2, routine maintenance even when the user was not donning the suit.

Retracting his hand, he quickly snapped the helmet back in place and locked it tight as the lack of oxygen finally got him and everything went black.


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