Scarhoof’s Scribbles #002


He survived.

Messy, but yes.

So what do you think?

Too soon to tell. Patience. You have much to learn still.

Dear August:

I am so sick of digging!

It started off easily enough. I had a small wheat farm that I wanted to expand. But I couldn’t just add on to it. Not me!

I wanted to lower the landscape down a little bit first so that I could first make the garden a little larger and also have room for trees and sugar cane.

But guess what I learned in that process?

I hate this island.

Seriously. You would think that island was simply formed a few days ago! With all the storms and high winds in the middle of the ocean you would think that they would have softened out the edges, made the beaches flatter. Not my island! you get out of the water and instantly you are face with having to climb up a wall of dirt to get to the top!

As you can imagine this did not sit well with me. I decided that I was going to fix it. So right after I finished leveling some land to make for an expanded garden, I abandoned the garden to start clearing out one of the beaches.

Oh don’t worry though, I’ve actually been getting a lot of food from all the animals that keep popping up around the island. Just when you think I’ve cleared off the last of them, I find more! I even found some horses if you can believe that!

I ignorantly used up most of my iron for shovels and picks to help me clear things out faster, what little I had, while helping me in my digging, probably could have been used for better things if I had thought about it better. So unfortunately I don’t have very much iron left! I do have one iron pick and I will have to be careful not to use that up because once it is gone, I don’t have any more iron!

Well I can say that the new beach looks awesome! I might decorate it at some point, but for now I’m very satisfied with the work I’ve been put into it. You will have to come visit me someday. I would love to get your opinion on what sort of things to build out there. maybe some umbrellas and lounge chairs?

Well that is all for the future though.

Have you heard of Endermen? They are tall! They also pick up my blocks and try to steal them! Can you believe that?

They also drop these round things that I guess are called pearls. I’m not sure what they do to be honest, but I have one. I can almost hear a strange humming from it when I stick my ear up to it.

At any rate, I also setup a task board in my temporary house. Don’t worry, the first thing I put on there was to do my farm. I promise next time I write to you I will have the farm up and running!

But for now, I think I might go fishing. There is something magical about the sunsets here. You have to see it to truly understand just how beautiful this place can be. So yeah. I think it’s time that I go make myself a fishing rod, and fish off the west coast so I can watch the sunset dip past the horizon.

I love it here.


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