Scarhoof’s Scribbles #003


That was a lot of work.

What is it?

He has tenacity. That is good, but he is still just playing.

Dear August:

My shoulders are so sore! You can’t possibly believe what I did today. I finished off cleaning off the beaches finally. They are really coming together.

But OH the pain! It’s a good thing I’m surrounded by cool waters everywhere I look. I will be relaxing in the sun for at least a couple of days trying to get my muscles to stop cramping.

But enough about my pain. IT LOOKS SO GOOD! I know. I know. You always told me to stop being so full of myself. I should try to be more humble, but it really is quite spectacular to behold. Most of all I’m very excited for the prospects I have going forward.

Did I mention I found more iron? It was just one block under the surface! I merely had to dig down through 8 blocks to reach the surface! Ha!

Sorry that was a little island humor there.

I have a new friend. I managed to find myself a donkey while roaming around and I fished up an old saddle as well. It sure smells, it does, but it works.

I penned up the donkey. I’m not sure what I want to name him to be honest. He’s slow so slowpoke might be apt, but for now he’s just relaxing in the pen I built.

And yes, I did finish the garden. I know you thought I wouldn’t finish it, but I got it done! It’s small and simple, but it works, and i’m happy about it.

I planted some sugar cane down on a large section of beach that I had cleared out. It’s a perfect place for it. Did you know that sugar cane has to be planed next to water? They must consume a lot of water. That’s why they grow so tall!

Oh, and finally, I think there might be someone else around on the island. They left me some signs saying I sucked and they didn’t like me. Can you believe that they are upset that I’m tearing down the island? It’s not like it was all that beautiful to begin with. I like to think that I’m finding the inner beauty of the island. something it sorely needs. I think the thing with the beach went well, and I have plans for what I will be working on next so stay tuned for my next letter.

Oh speaking of next letter, I’m still not sure if these will make it to you. I don’t have very many bottles left to drop these into. I do have a lot of sand though, so I guess I could smelt some of that up to put my letters in.

Well, after all that digging and now writing, I should take a break and go play in the water.

This place is really coming together.


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