Scarhoof’s Scribbles #004


He is finally digging down. That’s good, right?

Yes, it is good.

What should we do?

Perhaps we should reward him for his effort.

Dear August,

I have a new friend! He’s a chicken and he’s currently penned up with my donkey friend. They sure like each other and seem to get along really well.

Sugar cane is growing rather well, almost too well. I’ve harvested so much already that I don’t know where to put it all! I guess that is a good problem to have right?

Did you know how hard it is to get grass to grow on an island that doesn’t have any grass? Hard, let me tell you. I won’t go into the specifics but let’s just say it was a lot of work and more importantly, patience.

I’ve decided that I need a fishing hut, that’s why I’m trying to get the grass to grow you know. I think the fishing hut will look good with some grass around it. But fishing hut is not on the docket for today, today, I decided to take on a project that I should have done a while ago, but kept putting off for some reason.

I’m building a mine!

And not just any mine, I’m building a fancy mine with a tunnel and stairs and lighting and birch wood.

Well I don’t know about the birch wood. I mean it looks nice and all, but it doesn’t seem to go well with what I have in here. So I will just have to work with it and see what I can figure out.

I will have to send you some pictures of what it looks like, but right now I can tell you I’m not very happy with how it’s coming out. I mean it look okay, it is just a staircase down to my mine after all, but I like taking pride in my work. I like knowing that I worked at it for a long time in order to figure out what I was doing wrong so that I could fix it. Isn’t that worth something?

I think it is. Hard work is a good thing, we shouldn’t be afraid of that. My dad taught me that.

But right now I am going to take a break from the mine. I’m a little frustrated with the design and not quite sure what I want to do with it, so I think it’s okay to take a step back from it now and come back to it later.

I think I will run around and kill some more cows. There seems to be a lot of them on the island right now and I need the leather for…wait for it…books!

That’s right! Now that I have plenty of sugar cane I can finally produce plenty of books for what I will need in the future.

What is that? Well it’s writing to you of course! So stay tuned because I have a lot to say!

Till next time,


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