Scarhoof’s Scribbles #005


He is getting closer isn’t he?

Mmm. How is progress?

I will hurry.

We have time. He has much to overcome first.

Dear August,

I feel so much better!

The mine is starting to really come along. To catch you up, I should start with my last missive. Remember when I said I wasn’t very happy with the birch wood? Well, I tore it all out and now I am much happier with the result. So what did I go with? Sandstone, oak wood? Nope!

I went with stone brick and cobblestone, with a few jack-o-lanterns mixed in for good measure. I wish I could show you, and maybe I should figure out a way to draw it for you, but it looks so good! I have inset walls and stone brick pillars to segment off the different steps and add interest to the walls.

Layers and depth.

Those seem to be the name of the game with learning how to decorate walls well. I’m not saying I’m a master by any stretch of the imagination, but I do feel that I’m getting better.

I’m learning that this is a work in progress though, and despite my aspirations, I sometimes have to make mistakes to figure out what I don’t like before I can figure what I do like.

I hope that makes sense. Life has a way of teaching you odd little lessons from time to time, and I now that I have time to reflect on this lesson, I hope I can remember to internalize it. We will see down the road if I remember!

But I ran into a snag. I got most of the way down the mine then realized that I wanted to split off part-way down the stairs and have an entrance to another location. It’s hard to explain. I just have this feeling like I should build something underwater. I don’t know what quite yet, but I guess I’ll worry about that later. Who knows why my mind tells me things!

So I decided to take a break from the digging. I need to decide if I will actually do the work or not. I went sailing south to look and see what I can find. There are a lot of islands! I was starting to worry about never finding land when I found some of the most majestic mountains I’ve ever seen! You have to see it, I can’t do them justice through words alone. I fully plan on exploring them at some point. Maybe even building something epic over there.

But while I was exploring I found myself two new trees! Spruce and Dark Oak. They are both brown woods, and much darker than oak. I think they will work well together. So much to do, I barely have enough brainpower to keep sense of it all in my head!

But that’s okay. I’m having fun, exploring and learning all about this wonderful world around me.

Till next time,


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