Scarhoof’s Scribbles #006


He took the bait, Master.

He did. Are preparations complete?

They are. Should I begin?

Soon. Be ready. He has to find us first.

Dear August,

So remember last time when I said that I was thinking about changing out my mineshaft staircase to allow for a side-way of getting to the bottom of the ocean? Well I did it!

It took me FOREVER, you have no idea how much work that was, but I put on some music, and went crazy with my stone pickaxe. But it’s all done now!

I’m really glad I did the work for it, to be honest. There is something really satisfying about being able to work hard for something and accomplishing it all by yourself.

Yes I’m tired, but it was worth it. Now I have a really nice-looking staircase down into my mine and I’ll be able to finally get some diamonds! I have been looking forward to this day for a long time!

Mostly I want an enchanting table so I can start getting some better tools going. I can’t wait until I have something better to use! In fact I think I will wait until I have enchanted tools before I begin the massive project of landscaping this island of mine. It will be a good thing to do for sure.

Oh, did I tell you the V.E.G.A.N.S are back? Yeah. After the most amazing time out sailing on the ocean where I was able to get some spruce and dark oak wood, and seeing those awesome mountains, I get back and they had setup another protest against me!

I really don’t know what what is going on with them. Maybe they just need a friend or maybe they are hanging out with the wrong friends, but they really don’t seem to like me. I wish they would just tell me what is going on. I don’t want to hurt their feelings but if they just tell me I’m a bad person but don’t give me feedback on how to do things better, how am I supposed to know what they want?

Yeah, I think you’re as confused as I am at this point!

I decided that one of these days I will go out and find them. They have to have a base setup somewhere on one of the islands, don’t they? Maybe one of these days once I get better gear and tools, we will find them and figure this whole thing out.

Maybe it’s jut a big misunderstanding. At least I hope it is. Why else would people be so upset at other people? They just need to understand where the other one is coming from and they might find out that they aren’t so different after all.

What’s the phrase? Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes? Well I don’t have shoes, but I do have boots here, so that will have to do.

Oh! I know! I’ll give them some of my diamond boots once I get some! Maybe that will help ease the tensions between us!

Anyway I should go and rest. It’s been a long day.

Till next time,


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