Scarhoof Recommends: Tuning the Symphony

Tuning the Symphony

by William C Tracy

Alien races have found each other and magic, in the form of a Symphony, link all the various worlds. Majus, from all the alien races, meet in the Nether, a place between worlds, to train up others like them and help keep peace between all the worlds. The story follows Rilan Ayama, a human who is finishing her training, and going off into the larger universe to learn more about herself and the magic world around her.

I would recommend this book for readers of High Fantasy, who like shorter works with detailed cost-based magic systems. The author classifies this as Space Opera, but I would say it’s more fantasy than anything, despite the alien races spread throughout the universe.

It’s a short book, clocking in around 2 hours, but it packs a lot of world-building it’s it’s small pages. There is something nice about being able to intersperse longer works with shorter works, and this book fits that niche. You can read it all in one sitting, or, as I did, spread it out across a few days. Each chapter takes about half an hour to read, perfect nighttime reading in bed.

Illustrations are also included, which is a rarity among books these days, and much appreciated.

Tracy has other works being written at the moment so you should be able to see new stories from this universe shortly. You can learn more about him and his works at

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