Scarhoof’s Scribbles #012

He found the note, Master.

Yes, you did well.

What do you think he will do now?

Now he must decide.

Dear August,

I…I’m at a loss for words right now. Need some time to sort out my thoughts on the matter I guess.

But let me get you up to speed.

That fishing getup I got going? It’s been working, dare I say, swimmingly? So well in fact that I’ve gone from no enchanted gear, to suddenly having a couple of amazing diamond picks!

Better than I imagined, and I can imagine a lot.

So you would think I would be overjoyed, right? Well, at first I was. I took some of my new gear down to the mines to try it out. Things were going great. I found tons of iron, coal, even found some gold. Then I heard some noises.

So I got to digging toward the noises. Wouldn’t you know it I found myself a small cave deep under the ocean with a creeper and a spider in it. Not to worry, I handled them. That’s now that I’m here to tell you about.

I turn around to keep mining, and I keep hearing more sounds. Ominous, right? Well these aren’t mob sounds, they’re bubbling sounds. After a little more digging, sure enough, I find lava. I mean I am digging down at the bowels of the earth. You would think that I would find lave down there, right? Nothing surprising there I tell you.

But then I heard creaking bones, ever so faint, coming through the walls. I dig and I dig, but no luck. I move up a little farther in the mine, keep looking. Suddenly, at the end of the hole as far as my pickaxe can break, I see darkness.

Another cave. I rush in, placing torches down, lighting up the place and I kill off the sole monster in there, a lone skeleton.

I’m just bending down to pick up his bones off the floor when this wall of moaning hits me like a wave from behind the wall. Cautiously, I break through. Cobblestone shining through the stone?

I found a mob den, hordes of zombies, bunching up at the breach, trying to eat my brains. luckily I had only chipped a small hole through the wall at that point, so I was able to whittle them away and eventually overtake the place.

Normal right? Dramatic, but normal?

Well just wait.

So I clean the place up, grab some of this amazing new material called Moss Stone that I assume forms from the rotting flesh of these creatures, and I decide it’s time that I get working on my fishing hut. Things are going along, I’m building, but I run out of the new stone and decided to head back down to that mob den and get harvest some more.

Only the tunnel leading up to the place is dark. All my torches had been taken down.

The winding dank cave that lead up to the zombie den? Shaved walls, perfectly smooth, like someone had bored their way from my mineshaft to this den of horror, clearing a path for the denizens of the deep to spew forth.

The entire place was crawling with monsters. I fought, I failed, I returned, I managed to clear them out. A Creeper blew up, taking out some of the monsters with him, but nearly destroying the spawner in the process.

And what do I find in there when all is said and done, in this hollowed out room that only an hour ago I had found as a moss-filled dank cave?

I found a book, with a message to me.

Someone is watching me, someone is sending me messages.


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