Scarhoof’s Scribbles #013

Did you know they would try to contact him?

I thought as much.

What should we do?

Wait for him to make his first move.

Dear August,

Did you process the last missive?

Lot to take in? It was a lot to write and I’m not done with it.

Disoriented, I wandered around my mine for a bit, trying to make sense of it all. Who keeps doing this to me? It has to be the V.E.G.A.N.S, right? They’ve shown that they are willing to do mercilious things to me, but so far they have never breached my structures.

I poked around in what used to be the den of zombies, looking for anything to clue me in to what had happened. Sadly, everything had been smoothed over and covered. There was no evidence of the previous room, other than the spawner, being there. I can’t tell you how many times I ran my hands over those smooth walls where I know there used to sit decaying cobblestone.

It just doesn’t make sense.

Heading back up-top I found another note to me in my enchanting room, telling me to follow my dreams or something like that. What does that even mean? I’ve always had aspirations of being a world-class chef, but I doubt this is what they are talking about here.

In order to get my mind off the stress of the last few events in my life, I decided the best thing was to get back to work on the fishing hut. Dive into some manual and mental labor to clear my mind and wipe the slate clean.

I cleaned out my bags, grabbed up some fresh materials and tools, and headed out.

And there they were.


They just can’t leave well enough alone, can they?

Well…I could go on but I’ve already beaten that horse to death. I need to just ignore them. Once I’m done here, I’m definitely going to go look for them. I’ll give myself a day or two to calm down and then go hunting.

It’s time to end this.

Oh, yeah. I worked on the fishing hut. Not much else to say about it. My mind was somewhere else. It’s functional, but needs some work.

I think I will sleep, then see how I feel.


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