Scarhoof’s Scribbles #015

The Rising has begun Master, but they are coming back.

Pay no mind. They are powerless for now.

They are trying to warn him.

Patience. He will know soon enough.

Dear August,

Have you ever gotten so engrossed in your work that you wake up one day, much further along than you expected. I am still reeling, but that is what seems to have happened to me. I can’t explain it, but it’s not deja-vu, more like noja-vu.

I’ve never had the memory before but somehow things happened.

Okay, maybe you are right. I shouldn’t try to crack jokes, but it was really odd.

Regardless of how fast I am losing my mind, the fishing hut is nearly done. I have a basement now, and it looks really nice. Not sure what I will do with it just yet, but I will work on it and see if I can figure out what I want to do with the space.

I also have a nice little bridge and did some decorating. Things are sure shaping up around here. I think I’ll be ready to get some more landscaping around this place soon enough.

Not really sure what else to do, and having a tough time reconciling this notion that something odd is happening around me, I decided to clear my head and get some exploration done.

I headed south this time, bearing east toward the rising sun. In my travels I found two more massive mountain chains! They truly are breathtaking jutting up from the ocean floor in their yearn to touch the sky. Most importantly, I found a new area called a Jungle. The grass is so green and lush, and the trees! Oh the trees! They have vines and this exotic color that has an olive/reddish hue to it. I chopped down a few trees and got me a few saplings. You can bet your britches that I will be trying these things out once I get back.

For now though, I’m back at my ice farm collecting ice. Something about this place is serene and peaceful. After the last few days, I think I need that.


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