Scarhoof’s Scribbles #016

Rising is working Master.

Excellent Word. Ensure it continues uninhibited.

I don’t think he has noticed yet, Master.

He will. He will not be able to ignore soon enough. Soon we will be revealed.

Dear August,

What I thought would end up being an enjoyable time away from my island turned out to be a confusing mess when I got back. Sure I came back with Jungle Tree Saplings, and Vines, thus completing my wood-type collection, but what I found waiting for me was disturbing.

I should back up.

I mined up three full stacks of ice. I wanted to use it for help with potential water blocks when I eventually start making farms around the area. It can save time having ice to create source blocks of water rather than having to run around with an inventory full of water buckets.

But I digress.  Everyone already knows that.

What I’m trying to talk about are the changes done to my island while I was gone.

Did the V.E.G.A.N.S. show up? Of course they did. They have an uncanny ability to know when I’m gone and show up to picket and/or mess with me.

This time they came in force, but you know what? I don’t care about their picketing. I get wool out of it, I get pumpkins, signs. It’s a slight nuisance at best.

What has me bewildered is that they keep messing with my base. Tell me I’m wrong, show me stats to back up your argument, fine. Do it all day long. I don’t care.

People are allowed to have differing opinions and freedom of speech. But these guys have taken it too far by intruding on my personal space and modifying my base without my permission.

Today they removed all the jack-o-lanterns from the ceiling in my mine with lava suspended by the cobble walls.

It looks nice, in fact it’s what I had planned on putting up there once I managed to get myself a decent supply of lava, but that isn’t the point. Them doing the work unrequested is a violation.

Same with my mine. They expanded it without my permission. Did I mention they carted probably fifty source blocks of lava up here to fill in the requisite spaces? It looks great, but…

I should stop. I’m just ranting at this point, and you know all this. You know my frustrations better than anyone.

I have come to a decision. I need to hunt these guys down and show them that they cannot bully me. It’s the only way to stop them. Show them I won’t take their abuse any longer. If I stand up to them know, I have the best chance of being taken seriously and not being bothered by them any longer.

So now I will begin preparations for routing them out.  First step, mapping. And Vines.


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