Scarhoof’s Scribbles #017

Rising is nearly half-done, master.

Excellent Work. He will soon find it and we can proceed.

What about him mapping in the boat?

No matter, he is merely exploring, it is all part of the plan. Misdirection.

Dear August,


That was a lot of rowing. I finally got around to getting some mapping done of the area around my island. There is a lot of empty ocean out there. I wonder if there is anything I can do to fill it up? Maybe someday I’ll work on that, but for now I have a mission.

Remember those Golems that keep pestering me? I think they have stolen all my sand. I know! The nerve! They did bring me a new donkey for some reason. I really wish i knew what was going on. Something about this whole situation doesn’t seem right.

They picket my tearing down of the island. They make vague threats. They kill me in one of the dumbest piston-traps I’ve ever seen.

Up to this point?

Fine, whatever. They’re jerks but I get what they are doing and even why.

But now they are finishing my base for me. The gave me a donkey! (How did they even manage to get that beast over here anyway?)

Sorry, I digress. But all the decorations, stealing not only the mossy cobble but now my sand? And were they the one messing with me on that mob spawner?

Something really doesn’t add up. Also, I know this is petty and I’m probably reading into it more than I should, but how is it their vocabulary so robust in one encounter, but they can barely spell in others?

Like I said. More questions each time. I would sure like to get to the bottom of this someday.

I suppose that is about all I have to discuss right now. I have a lot of mapping to get back to. I want to finish up this project sooner rather than later.


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