Into the Void

Thirty pairs of boots thundered as one down the steel floor. The rhythmic chant of our footfalls bounced off the smooth stone walls toward the armory. Squad Leader Jeremy was already there, his dark furrowed eyebrows twitched as he studied a small clipboard. A cadet stood by his side trying not to be noticed among the room of fierce soldiers.

The bronze placard above the guns read “Fly or Die.” A brass lamp to the side of the tarnished sign glowed red. Internal clockwork spun the light around, casting a undulating red light around the sparse metal and stone room.

The sharp blue crackle of the boltguns in their mounting brackets cause the entire wall to billow with energy. Each soldier grabbed a fully loaded sidearm and holstered it before standing at rest, the guns’ breech crackled and hissed with a bright blue light. A slight buzz permeated the air, causing the hair on the back of my neck to stand on end.

Jeremy handed the clipboard back and nodded to the cadet, who scurried out of the room. “Twenty odd Russian airships inbound, heading for London, radar puts them three kilometers out. We have less than two minutes to get airborne. Let’s move out!”

“Torps!” We all yelled back, slapping our right fist against the insignia over our heart. Jeremy turned and we followed, me right on his heels.


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