Looking forward to 2017

Yesterday I posted up a review of 2016. Overall, I’m satisfied with the year.
But I want to make 2017 even better!

If 2016 was the year of taking writing seriously, 2017 is the year of production. That’s right, want to produce like crazy. I’ve been writing for years, and I haven’t published anything! Even though, as mentioned yesterday, most of my books have been trunk novels, I do have a number of short stories that I’ve written, edited, and are just sitting on my hard drive.

2017 is the year to do something about them. One of the lessons I learned from my YouTube Channel that I started in Feb of last year, was that if you produce good quality content on a regular schedule, you will succeed.

I already have A Moonlit Task scheduled for release on Feb 7th, but I don’t currently have anything else scheduled. Once my first book is out and on its own, and I’m past the launch push, I plan on buckling down and working on the second book in the series. I hope to publish that later this year.

But what about all the other months? Two books aren’t exactly regular content.

You are correct good sir! That is why I’m already working on a new series of short stories set in the Nancy Moon universe that I’ll be releasing. I will also work through my back catalog of already-completed short stories. I realize short fiction doesn’t sell a lot on Amazon, and I’m okay with that.

But my short stories are good! Like, I re-read some of them recently, and they are fun! I want people to discover them, and hopefully, that will allow people to get a better idea of my style of writing.

So two books this year, plus at least ten short stories, coming out each month. Sounds like a lot of work, but I’m not stopping there!

No, sir! I’m also going to do daily blog content right here on scarhoof.com! I can’t promise they’re going to be incredibly long blog posts, but I want to get more into the habit of blogging, and since I was able to produce daily videos for eleven months last year, I think regular blog posts are doable as well. Good thing I can type and post them up from my phone!

Till tomorrow,

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