I got nothing done yesterday

I tried to set myself up for a productive day!

Even though the previous night was New Years Eve, I went to bed early, got a good night’s rest, and started my day with a smoothie and some walking around outside.

So what did I hope to get done?

– I’m working on a new series for my YouTube channel and wanted to knock out a good 5-7 videos.

– I need to do one final read/polish of my book A Moonlit Task so it’s 100% ready for a video I’ll be posting up on Wednesday officially announcing my book.

– I also have a couple critiques I need to knock out by Wednesday for my writing group.

So how much of it did I get done?

– I didn’t get any gaming videos recorded.

– I only got through the prologue of A Moonlit Task.

– I didn’t touch the critiques.

So what did you do all day?

– I setup an email list for the first time in my life. That was complicated, but I think I’m starting to figure it out. This was to go in the back of A Moonlit Task.

– I managed a logo contest I have going on currently on 99designs.com for my publishing company. This involved giving detailed feedback to the six remaining finalists on what things I would like to see changed on their designs.

– Figured out how to export a PDF version of my book from Scrivener. I’ve done ebooks before, but never PDF with the cover on it.

– Created another email list for the video that is going on on Wednesday. This one will provide people with a free short story of mine called Into the Void.

– Created a BookFunnel link for Into the Void so subscribers will automatically have the story delivered and I won’t have to do it.

– Created draft of the script for the video announcing my book for pre-sale.

– Edited the script for the video.

– Recorded the script for the video.

– Realized half the script didn’t sound great out-loud or was repeating itself – re-edit the script.

– Re-record the script, cutting and restarting if I messed anything up.

– Found a bunch of pictures online to create a slide-show sort of thing for the announcement video.

– Finally edited said video. – The video alone took nearly four hours, but I’m really happy with it! I’ve never done this scripted and edited of a video before. I hope my YouTube audience likes it!

So thoughts? Well I didn’t get what I had hoped to get done, but I got stuff that did actually need to get done. 
Tomorrow is going to be another crazy day. My wife and I have a sit down every morning so we can double check all the tasks that need to be prepared for this launch. I’m glad we do, because the list keeps growing each day

Till tomorrow,


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