Little Habits

Writing is hard.

I hope that by forcing myself to do little things each day, it will contribute to my overall productivity for the year.

For writing, the first thing is this blog. I decided on a bit of a whim that I’m going to post something up every day this year. It might not be long. It might meander, but every day I will sit down and get something written for the blog.

How will this help? For one, it will force daily writing habits. It will also get my brain used to the idea that I need to write on a daily basis, and not in spurts like I tend to do most of the time.

Spurting isn’t necessarily bad, but my YouTube Gaming channel last year taught me one thing: Consistent, quality content nets results. Now I don’t have any allusions to making it big off my blog. I’m treating it more like an online journal where I can dump my daily thoughts, but it’s also a writing exercise.

I draft, I re-read and edit, I publish.

Now I just need to do that with books. As I mentioned a couple days ago, the one big lesson I learned last year for writing was to complete the process on each project you work on. Don’t spend five years writing draft after draft, neglecting your editing chops. Being able to pump out 1000 words per hour for months on end helps nothing if you have no skill with editing.

Another little habit I’ve gotten into the last couple weeks is a sit-down with my wife and I each day to go over the laundry list of tasks needed to be prepared for A Moonlit Task when it launches on Feb 7th. I could write a whole series of blog entries on this process alone, and I will, but suffice it to say: it’s a lot of work.

We also sit down every week to go over YouTube schedules. I do all the recording, but she helps with many of the other tasks, like scheduling, editing, and the like. She also does all my thumbnails, so between us, a decent amount of coordination is needed to accomplish our goals. This has been a fantastic habit, and I hope to continue this weekly tradition with writing as well.

What habits do you have with your writing? What lessons have you learned recently you wish you had started earlier? I’d love to hear about them!

Till tomorrow,


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