Little Habits 2: Shake that booty too!

In yesterday’s blog post, I talked about little habits for writing, today I want to talk about health, specifically weight.

Like many (most?) Americans, I’m overweight. I lead a sedentary life seven days a week. I work from home, which should mean I have more chances to be mobile. The reality is that I wake up each morning, brew some coffee, and sit down in my home office for the daily grind. Weekends are no different. I write, and I make daily videos, so when I’m not working my day job, I’m writing or recording.
Most of my recording is handled during the weekend as I find I’m usually too weary to be chipper and upbeat for recording after a long day at work.

This means I’m easily sitting for 14 hours a day, and this lifestyle has caught up with me bad. The last few years I put on a number of pounds, and the last year since I started my YouTube channel I’ve put on more weight than in the previous four combined.

Not good.

So what habits have I started, do I have any that I want to implement, and how are they working so far?

If you don’t know, I’m an Apple fanboy. I own a Gen 1 Apple Watch, paired to an iPhone 7. The Apple Watch is amazing. Before they released the watch, I had a Fitbit, which worked quite well for getting me off my ass and out onto the road.

Working from home, I have easy access to the road out front of my house, and the last couple months, with the cooler weather, I’ve taken to going out a few times a day to take a short stroll around the block. Usually, it’s during a conference call, so I put the call on a headset, mute the line, and walk around the block while people talk in my ear.

Since starting that, I’ve had a lot more energy. I haven’t really lost weight per se, but even through the holidays, and having consumed far more calories than I should have, I didn’t gain any weight! I call that success.

The second habit I’ve started is standing. After reading the fantastic book Get Up! by James Levine, my wife and I started taking seriously the daily stand goal the Apple Watch has. You have to stand up for 1 minute in an hour period, and do that 12 times through the day. It seems easy, but trust me, it’s so easy to end up sitting for hours at a time, barely moving. As annoying as that buzz at 9:50 is, I’m glad that my watch is reminding me to get up and move around.

Till tomorrow,


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