As a bit of a Christmas gift, I posted up a steampunk short story called Into the Void on my blog. I got some good responses from that, and I’m euphoric that everyone enjoyed the story!

So I put it up on Amazon. It’s up there right now, and I already have one review (woo!).

So it’s the “first” thing that I have for sale even though it was posted a month later than “A Moonlit Task.”

Still, it’s first because it’s the first thing of mine that people can actually buy and read and so It’s going to hold a special place in my heart.

I posted it up because one of my goals for 2017 is to put something up on Amazon every single month. Now I don’t have the time to somehow pull off a book a month, but I can pull off a short story a month.

I don’t plan on making a ton of (any) money off of my short fiction, but it gives people who might be on the fence with me as an author a way to sample my writing style without having to invest in a whole book. Plus short stories give me a chance to flex my writing muscles and explore a topic or genre that I rarely write in. In this case, it was steampunk.

So that’s about it! Today is going to be fun because I have a super secret project I’m involved in tonight for my YouTube channel. Keep your fingers crossed!

Till tomorrow,


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