Okay, but seriously, how do YOU get your ideas?

Persistent much? Okay, I admit that in yesterday’s post I didn’t exactly tell you anything other than to tell you to never ask any author how you get your ideas.

Today I want to talk about how I get my ideas.

Ideas are everywhere. Call them shower thoughts if you will. In fact they tend to come to me when my mind is wandering, usually while walking, driving, or showering; (i.e. while doing something you have done so often that you don’t have to think while doing it).

I try to capture as many ideas as I can. I jot them down in a notebook, or notes file on my iPhone. I record them as messages, or I just tell them outright to my wife or friends to get their opinions first. I use the last method when I’m driving because whipping out a notebook on the freeway is a bit of a no-no.

So what ideas do I have? Lemme dig out my document and give you a selection:

  • Different colors of fire do different types of magic
  • Singapore: Misnomer of “Lion City” even though he saw a tiger
  • A person with four functioning color cones, giving them the ability to see 99 million more colors than we can
  • Magic around a black hole
  • Sleeping boys/solar boys

These are just some random ones, but I would recommend you look up the Solar Boys, it’s a pretty interesting thing about some boys that fall asleep to sunlight. I’d love to see if I can work that into a story.

Once I have the idea written down, it’s time to process the idea to turn it into something I can use. But that’s a blog post for another time.

Till tomorrow,


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