Fantasy Solar Boys Treatment

Yesterday I started coming up with concepts for our “Solar Boys” idea. I riffed on a few more modern concepts, like vampires and DNA splicing, but today I wanted to do a deeper dive into a fantasy idea I came up with: that of the hex or spell. What follows will just be my random thoughts on the topic:

Our intrepid heroes are on an epic quest, and come across a quaint little village set in a bit of a misty hidden valley. On their way out of their last town, an old crone stood in the way. Before she allowed them to pass, she warned them about the strange town down the way and admonishes them to avoid it. They, of course, ignore her as good heroes do.

They get to the village and everyone is quiet. Men are working the fields. Women are churning butter, feeding the chickens, and stirring the day’s stew. Some children come and meet the heroes. The children are curious, friendly, and help them find food and drink and bedding for the night. Things seem to be going well until the sun begins to droop and the sky becomes orange.

Suddenly the village is all a bustle, parents shuffling their kids off to bed before the sun is even down. Heroes find it a little odd, but they shrug it off, until one of the parents is shrieking with grief. She can’t find her daughter, who was last seen going out to look at the horses brought by the adventurers.

Everyone rushes outside and gets to the girl just as she becomes paralyzed in the middle of a bunch of horses (who are probably freaking out right now from whatever is going on). Questions are raised, and finally the truth comes out by either someone very old or very young (that’s always the case, right?).

For decades the village has been under a spell. Every night, from sundown to sunup, all the children in the village are paralyzed. They eventually seem to grow out of it, finally able to move again once they hit puberty.

This of course gives our heroes pause, as this is not normal. They ask if anything strange has been going on and no one dares to speak up. The villagers beg them to just leave well enough alone and let them get on with their lives, but our heroes smell something dirty and want to investigate.

After a restless sleep, all the kids wake up and seem fine, though most of them end up taking lots of naps through the day. The little girl who was interested in the ponies the night before finally tugs on the skirt of one of the heroes. “Ma’am, are you here to take the scaries away?”

Well I’m going to stop there as this is getting a bit long, but this was fun! Other than correcting typos and grammar, I haven’t edited the above at all. It’s all straight from yours truly’s twisted mind.

Sound like an interesting story? I can’t tell you how many times I could have take a twist or a turn and changed it, going in a different direction. In fact in tomorrow’s post, I’m going to do just that. I will take a couple paragraphs and talk about some of the ideas that I ignored and avenues I decided to explore as I wrote down these ideas.

Till tomorrow,


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