Musings on Muselings

Ahh, the Muse. Such a lovely creature to come around and sprinkle inspiration across your page while you stare blissfully at the cute barista at the Starbucks.

Get real home slice. Unlike Nancy Moon’s world, fairytales don’t exist.

I just spent the last three hours writing 2500 words to finish up the second story in a string of stories I want to do about a dwarf.

I’m pretty proud of this story, but there was no magical faerie dusting my nose with inspiration powder. This isn’t the 80’s.

No, I just did the work. I then took a break, worked on some videos, and went through the entire 5800-word story for an edit.

Now it’s off to my critique groups where I hope they tear it apart and tell me to stop making dwarves Scottish. FINE. I might do that. If you’re real nice.

But that’s all I have for today. Been a long day and I need sleep.

Till tomorrow,


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