I’m not goodly with the grammar, punctuation, spelling, or anything else for that matter. I do come up with some pretty good details in stories, but that’s about all I’m good at.

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time poring over my first book’s manuscript after getting it back from the Copy Editor in November (okay, maybe not lately, but late November, early December… try to keep up okay?)

My wife is WAY better at the grammar stuff than I am. I just spelled grammar there as ‘grammer’. That’s how bad I am.

But my wife is fairly busy with everything else I keep having her do, so I looked into a piece of software I’ve looked at in the past called Grammarly. The free version which I’ve used a few times in the past picks up a few things, but then it scares you into all these ‘other’ mistakes you’ve made that you have to subscribe to get access to.

Well, I subscribed. I figured it’s cheaper than a copy editor for simple things like blog posts, and I’m not bothering my wife to read over every self-indulging post I do on the inter web.

How do I like it? It’s not bad. But it’s also not great.

Grammarly seems to have a hard time with my casual journal-style entries I’m doing for this blog. Like this sentence. It threw an absolute fit over it. It also has issues, it’s certain words I use, telling me the word I’m using is common, so it gives me some suggestions and none of them make sense. The word I originally chose was accurate for the sentence.

Don’t get me started on the latest version of the dwarf short story I put through it. It REALLY did not like ‘me’ being put in place of ‘my’. That was like 50 entries I had to ignore.

But past that, it’s really helpful at pointing out my comma mistakes, and more often than not it recognizes when I’ve put in the correctly-spelled, but still wrong, word in a sentence.

So I’d give it a B I guess. It needs some help with casual speech and it gives a lot of false positives if you write fantasy. I’m not asking it to do much, and for the price, I think it’s worth it. I just wish it worked on iOS since I type up all the blog posts on my iPad in Ulysses (blog post about that software added to my list) and I have no way to run it through Grammarly unless I fire up the laptop to do the one thing. So get not that Grammarly!

Till tomorrow,


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