Success – Jan 2017 Edition

What does success mean to you? I’m specifically referring to writing here, and I would love to hear from anyone on what they would consider a success.

My goal with writing has always been to be a full-time writer. Meaning I make 100% of my income from my writing career. Now that might not mean that 100% comes from the books I write, most writers tend to diversify. If you harken from a marketing background, you might build a course on how to write marketing copy. You might be an editor on the side as well. Maybe you have an eye for making covers but also write. Everyone has different levels of what they qualify as “writing related.”

For me, that’s 100% fiction writing paying 100% of my bills. Seems like an odd way to classify it, but stick with me here.

That’s not to say that all of my income will be just from writing and selling fiction, but I want all my annual costs of living paid for from fiction sales. To me, that ensures that above all, my primary job is storytelling.

Above and beyond that, I might write a non-fiction book at some point, maybe even a couple. Who knows, I might continue on YouTube and gain more traction there, but above all, the core of my income. The job that puts food on the table will be my fiction.

That’s the goal anyway. So far I haven’t paid for a single cup of coffee, but thing will pick up once I get rolling with some plans I have for this year.

Till tomorrow,


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