Trump’s America

Before Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America, I want to say a few words.

This is my personal blog, and as such I’m going to take a few liberties from time to time to discuss my take on politics. I promise I won’t do it very often.

But I do have some things to say about The Donald.

He is (as least for my US readers) our president. Let me stress the word our.

Like it or not, he’s it for the next four to eight years. I think it’s important to remember that we celebrate a handoff of power from one side to the other fairly often and we do it without the entire economy crumbling, civil war, or even civil unrest to the extent that other countries see. We peacefully move from right to left to right again generally without any loss of life.

The same cannot be said for many countries around the world. Be glad you live here. Team America summed it up quite well with their “America, fuck yeah!” slogan, and I wholeheartedly agree.

I’m damn proud to be an American. There are countries much worse than here, and I think that was proved quite well by the myriad of celebrities that threatened (promised) to leave America if Trump won.

How many left? Did any leave? Yeah, I thought not. All bluster. They know they live like kings and queens here. The best jobs are here. If Canadia was so amazing, with its free health care (TANSTAAFL,) why aren’t all the celebs living there? Since the rats aren’t leaving the ship, I think it’s fairly safe to stay on.

Despite all their ranting and ravings, they know Trump’s not going to tank the entire country. We have checks and balances in our government for this very reason.

Side note: for those of you worried about Trump using Executive Orders to bypass the system and just “write whatever laws he wants,” where were you when Obama (260 orders) was doing the same thing? Or Bush (291 orders?) Or Clinton (364 orders?) If you don’t like the Executive Branch being able to just “decree” a law into power, then make sure you let your congressmen know that you want limits on presidential power, so that no one president can have too much power. If there is one lesson we can get from this election, it’s that the pendulum will swing, and as much as you love that your president can just write laws without Congress approvals, payback can be a cold-hearted bitch when the other guy gets in. It’s best if no one has this power because absolute power corrupts absolutely.

But back to my main topic.

Trump’s a loose cannon for sure. He’s a lot of talk. He uses a lot of politically incorrect language (I have plenty to say about this for future blog posts.) He stretches the truth a lot and uses hyperbole like it’s on fleek (he is a politician, remember?) You might even classify him as “mean.”

But none of that is illegal. He might need some filters, and he definitely doesn’t act very “presidential.” But I seriously doubt he is going to run this country into the ground. It’s his country. His kids live here, so does his wife and his ex-wifes…er, uh, maybe that last one isn’t driving my point home as well as I thought.

So let’s all take a chill pill, a couple of deeps breaths, and remember that he’s just one man. The idiots we keep voting into Congress have been running this country into the ground for decades and have atrocious approval ratings (19% as of this writing.) We keep putting all our emotions into the one office when I think we should be looking at the bigger picture, that of the entire government.

And when I look at the entire government, I see a ton of room for improvement, but if we all only concentrate on the one rotten log, we might miss the stunning forest fire behind it.

Till tomorrow,


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