Using Professionals

I wanted to say a short word (because it’s late Friday and I want to go to sleep after a busy week) about professionals.

I’m still relatively new when it comes to being an author and this whole independent publishing dealio, but I have learned a couple things along the way.

One of these was to use professionals. I recently listened to a podcast called Self-Publishing Answers in which Nick said you can either give time, money, or energy to your goals, but you can’t give all three. Doing all three will make you insane.

This principle stuck with me and I’m glad it’s one that I already follow.

In preparing A Moonlit Task for publication, I hired out two key areas initially: copy editing, and book cover design. I also decided recently to hire out the internal formatting for the paperback book (and I used a popular paid tool to format the ebook.) Each time I hired someone with the expertise to do things right, I was pleased with the result.

I’m glad I did it and in the future I hope that I’ll be able to afford to expanding hiring professionals where it makes sense, be that with blurb writing, marketing help, taxes, or development editing.

So consider hiring out some portions of your work when you self publish.

My recommendation, in order would be as follows:

  1. Cover Design – unless you are already a professional cover designer, you need to hire this out. It’s the #1 reason people will be willing to click on your book. Books ARE judged by your cover.
  2. Copyediting – I am not goodly with the grammars so hiring this out made a lot of sense. I learned a lot from her feedback and I think the things I’m writing now are better quality then they used to be, so it’s not just money to fix my book’s errors, but it’s an investment in my future as a writer. The better I get, the less I need to rely on paying others to do the work.
  3. From here, I’ll be honest, I don’t know what is best. I want to say developmental editing, but formatting is something a lot cheaper and will ensure your finished product looks good. Sales Copy might also be a good bang for the buck here too. I’ll have to revisit this one once I have more experience, and see how I will rank things.

Till tomorrow,


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