Paperback Woes

So I made a slight boo-boo. Well, not really my fault really, but it happened none-the-less.

I accidentally published the paperback version of A Moonlit TaskAvailable here.

How did this happen? Well, let me take you back a little while (this isn’t just a blog to pimp my book, you’re going to learn something dammit!)

I put the pre-order for the Kindle version up on December 6th. For that, you need your cover, blurb, some keywords, 2 categories you wish to list your book under, it’s price, how many different worldwide Amazon stores you wish to show it in, and your book.

You don’t actually need the “final” version of the book. I didn’t. I’d just gotten my manuscript back from my copy editor and was working on fixing all the mistakes in it when my book went for pre-order. So that’s right! The version I posted was the pre-copy edited version.

As long as you upload your final proofread version a few days before the launch date, you can put up pre-orders three months in advance.

Paperback, however, was a little more complicated.

The cover can’t be designed until I have the final proofed copy of the manuscript, this is mostly because the page count of the final book determines how thick the book will be, and given the cover for a paperback is one solid image wrapped around the entire outside of the book, well, you need a final page count before your cover can be designed.

Did you know that white and creme colored paper are different thicknesses? You also have to choose the dimensions of the book. A Moonlit Task will be 5.5” by 8.5”.

Of course, I can’t have a final proofed copy of the manuscript till I finished all my copy edits, wrote my dedication page, got an ISBN and wrote up the boilerplate for the copyright page. I then wanted to include some stuff in the back talking about the genesis of the book. You hopefully get the idea.

Long and short, it took me another month to finish all the copy edits, and other content I needed inside the book. I then chose to have a professional format the inside of the book. Once THAT was done, the cover could be designed.

See how complicated this is? Tomorrow I’ll go over Createspace and how the paperback ended up getting published before the Kindle edition, but I’m out of time right now.

Till tomorrow,


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