Where Should you Invest your Time? Intro

How do you spend your time as a writer? This is another lengthy topic I could drone on about for a few days, so I will! Gotta love easy topics that I can stretch out for daily blog content, right?

Okay, my take on this is that at different stages in your writing career, you should be investing your time differently.

But before I discuss the stages, let's discuss the Time Triumverate:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Energy

You only have a certain amount of each of these limited resources, and you will need all three in order to accomplish your goals. Most of my blog posts are aimed at people who work full time and write on the side, as that is the stage of writing I'm in, and have been in, so keep that in mind.

Time is pretty obvious, there are only 24 hours in a day, and a good chunk of those hours are filled with sleep, eating, personal care, interpersonal relationships, and work.

Money is another limited resource, if you have a full-time job hopefully you have a little more discretionary income that you can use toward your writing goals, but sometimes not. I completely understand this. Some people get into writing to help supplement limited income. I'm personally going at it in order to replace my full-time job, something I've gone into/will go into at another time.

Energy, I put this here because this is the catch-all for "work". Doing stuff, and doing stuff that matters. This calls for an entire topic on it's own, but we'll deal with that in it's own time. For now, suffice it to say that After dealing with all your other responsibilities in your life, you only have so much energy to actually get writing done, and that well is not endless.

I've heard is said (I think it was a podcast) that you realistically can only do two of these things, and be successful.

If you have money and energy, but you might lack the time to do the work, you can hire a ghost writer. This is how many celebrities books are.

You might relish the work and have tons of time for it, but no money to publish it. Many college students might find themselves in this situation.

Finally, you might have time and money, but no energy, this might also be an instance where you consider partnering up with someone to collaborate on a book. I'm also going to lump knowledge into this catch-all category, as sometimes you simply don't know how to do something, in that case, if you have the money, hire a teacher.

No matter how you slice it, focus on only two of these. Don't try to have it all. You'll kill yourself trying to do it all. Hire things out that you can't, so you can focus on the things you can.

Till tomorrow,


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