The Problem Might be You

In lieu of a blog post today, I want to share a fantastic article written by a twitch streamer named Bacon Donut. He posted this yesterday and I was so glad he did because he summed up so many of my thoughts around content creation.

Despite this blog mainly focusing on writing, I also have a YouTube channel where I upload daily gaming content.

There is the link. I'll have more to share about this in the coming months but suffice it to say that I think too often we want to blame everyone else for our situation instead or looking for solutions to fix what might be wrong.

I firmly believe that we each need to own up to our own situation. If you are an adult, you have. I one else to blame but yourself for your situation, and focusing on the problem, rather than the solution only leaves you treading water and looking for other problems to complain about.

Till tomorrow,


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