Where Should you Invest your Time? Your first book.

All that reading, writing, critiquing, and editing should lead somewhere, right? Well, it does friend! That of publishing.

For my final blog post on the series, I want to discuss my final stage. This final stage is where I am, so I don’t feel it appropriate for me to give advice on things I know nothing about, so I won’t be going past this for now. Maybe in the future, I’ll have more things to discuss, but for now, we’ll call it good here.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of short stories, it’s time to write your actual book. The process for this book is fairly simple because you’ve already been doing the steps this whole time. By now you should have a solid grasp of story structure, both from the few hundred books you’ve read, as well as writing, critiquing, and editing 10-20 short stories, as well as helping others with a large number more.

But remember back when I talk about Outliers, (okay, it was yesterday, but hear me out), they need to be published words, or at very least, publishable words. And honestly, if they’re publishable, why aren’t you doing so? The world is your oyster at this point. Online retailers like Amazon and Draft2Digital make it really easy to self-publish your own stuff.

And trust me, you want to publish. You have very little to lose, and much to gain. Take it from someone who is fairly introverted, and nervous about putting me out there. You can do it. Publishing is easy. You just upload the file, cover, description, set the price and hit go. A day or two later, you’re a published author!

I realize I’m not really talking about “time” here like I was in the past, but this is important. My entire outlook on writing shifted a few times in my life and each of those “times” was the stages I’ve chronicled over the last week. Hitting publish on any first book took a lot of willpower, but I’m glad I did.

A Moonlit Task was no longer a story or a piece of art. It wasn’t my baby. It had grown up, and so had I. It was a product (on sale at Amazon.com, get your copy today!) And as a product, I was no longer a writer, I was a businessman, a salesman, and investor. Publishing will do the same for you too, I’ve seen in all my writer friends that have finally hit “go” on their novels. It changes you, and it’s the best feeling in the world when you can finally tell people that you have a book.

Till tomorrow,


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