The Sacking of Gildebrand Manor available for Pre-Order!

Hello Everyone!

Announcement time! Gather around children and let me tell you a story about a dwarf named Korrigan.

Korrigan was a youngling just like you when tragedy befell his race. Now Korrigan is the last dwarf on earth, and he has spent the last few hundred years trying to distract himself from the burden of being the sole survivor of his race.

Hitting rock bottom, Korrigan gambled away the last thing he had, his freedom, and now he is a slave to the Pittsburg Goblin Clan.

The Korrigan Chronicles is a series of short stories that focus on a point in Korrigan’s life as he overcomes his painful past, discovers his true destiny, and reclaims his connection to the Earthsong.

Korrigan’s story started centuries ago, but we will meet him in the 1920’s.

Set in the same world as A Moonlit Task, The Korrigan Chronicles will be familiar, yet different. Nancy Moon only recently discovered magic, but Korrigan has been in the magical world his whole life. I hope you all find something to like about this intrepid dwarf.

I’ve had a fun time writing these stories and I can’t wait for you to read them!

The first episode will be out March 7th, and is available for preorder now. I have the price discounted to $0.99 until March 1st, so grab your copy today!

If anyone is interested in an Advance Review Copy, please email me.

Till tomorrow,


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