$0.59 Day

I’m not much of one to share lots of photos or screengrabs, but I wanted to grab this one today to share with everyone.

First off, thank you for the support around my next series! I know not everyone likes short stories but I’m pouring a lot of love into Korrigan and I know everyone is going to love him as much as I do. I’ve already gotten a few preorders, so thank you to everyone to did so!

Now, onto today’s topic.

As you can see from the screenshot, I made $0.59 today.

Not a lot, right? Yeah, welcome to the reality of being a no-name author on the internet.

I’m not disheartened, though. When I started up my YouTube channel in February of last year, I was putting in a solid 40hours a week getting that channel going. After a solid month of recording, editing, uploading, scheduling, and stressing about it, I made, and I kid you not: $1.00 for the entire month of February.

My hourly rate wasn’t even $0.01 at that point. It’s certainly gone up since then, and I don’t devote as many hours as I did back then, but still, this is the reality. Content creation on the internet, entertainment in general, these are long games you must play.

Did I mention I made $0.24 yesterday?

The beauty of this first book is that it’s there. It’s up and people will find it. It’s not going away.

These numbers are largely through Kindle Unlimited page reads, by the way. I’m not really making sales, but page reads count, and I’m willing to bet that page reads will count for most of my income from this book until I have the second or third out.

Let’s do some math:

Assuming I never put anything else up, and A Moonlit Task continues to average $0.45, which is what my daily average has been over the last week if you don’t count Sunday (I’ll bring this up later).

I will make $3.15 a week, or $163.80 per year.

Now truth be told, I spent more than twice that on the cover art alone, let alone editing and other costs. So at this rate, I might make my money back on this one book alone in about ten years.

Frightening, right?

Well not really. The first book is usually going to be your worst. I’m new, no one knows who I am, and I only have one thing up there. Technically I have Into the Void, my steampunk short story up there as well, but short stories don’t sell well, so I’m going to ignore that for now.

But I have something else coming out next month, the first episode of Korrigan, and Korrigan 02 coming out in April. Again they are short stories, so I don’t expect a lot of sales from them, but they keep me relevant. They keep me producing, and they help fill out my catalog a little bit. By the time End Gate Book 2 comes out (title tbd), I should have 6-8 titles available for sale on my Amazon page.

Okay, it’s late, and I need to get to bed. I won’t forget to bring up Sunday.

Till tomorrow,


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