Today was a lot of meetings.

Work was back to back meetings (who does these on Fridays?) Consequently, I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped. Such is life, right? Still, I got paid for sitting on meetings not able to do my job. When will they learn?

After work, I immediately joined a writing accountability group with a wonderful group of folks. I won’t name-drop, but some of them are full-time authors. I love this meeting. It’s one of the highlights of my week, meeting with everyone online, seeing the jokes cracked in chat, and sharing our updates for the week. I love hearing about everyone’s progress each week, and it helps keep me motivated to keep doing what I do.

I then joined into a chat while I worked on some other things (web research, and world building fiddling) with another accountability group that I’ve been attending for a couple years now. A group of writers that I met on a writing cruise in 2015.

Once that one ended, I hopped on Discord to see if the ragtag  Youtubers  I play with on a Factorio multiplayer server wanted to record. Unfortunately, no one was available, so I ended up recording an episode all by myself. Not exactly what I wanted, as it’s a server for a reason, but beggars/choosers and all that.

I then had a short break for dinner and a walk around the block with my wife and got back to process the video. That, along with a couple other banked videos are processing now as I speak.

As if the day hadn’t gone on long enough, I still hadn’t actually gotten any writing done today, so you guessed it, I started my writing around nine in the evening.

Long day? Yeah. But I got my writing done, got an episode recorded that’ll go out on Sunday, and I’m getting closer to my goals. Now I’m going to bed after an 18 hour non-stop day.

Till tomorrow,


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