Had a long (very long) day today. Despite sleeping in till 9am for the first time in weeks, I hit the ground running with fresh coffee. 8 hours later (with a short break for lunch) I looked up with a completed “overall” outline for a new series I’m working on. I then spent another 4 hours recording videos and what not.

Individual scenes obviously need a lot of fleshing out, but I’m generally happy with the overall story arc, the characters, and the progression.

I don’t have much to share about it right now, but it will be litRPG, which is a fascinating genre that’s relatively new on the market. I’ve read a fair amount in the genre already, and it really seems to fit my niche of gamer and writer very well.

The book will take place in a VR world, but the focus will be “in-game.” If you’ve ever played World of Warcraft, I think you’ll like it!

Also, non-human main character. Here goes nothing!

Till tomorrow,


2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Thanks for the comment! I wrote the post last night and scheduled it for this morning but accidentally scheduled it for the 7th instead of the 27th. I immediately changed the scheduled time but notifications probably went out before that.


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