Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Just a random thought today, was to make sure you’re enjoying yourself.

I know it sounds pretty simple, but I figured I would just mention it specifically.

Writing is a strangely difficult venture. I don’t know of any other “normal job” that continually makes you second guess yourself at every turn. Writing is…special in that way, as are many creative endeavors where you are creating entertainment for people.

Since I do two in addition to my IT day job (writing and YouTube) I understand.

You’re putting yourself out there with each video, or story. You want everything to be perfect, but you’ll never achieve perfection. Not everyone will like your work, and eventually, you just have to ship.

But through it all, and I might talk about this later, keep in mind why you got into this profession to begin with. Don’t get bogged down in the mire of self-doubt and despair. Keep your head up, and bask in the joy knowing you’re making people happy.

Till tomorrow,


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