I have a cold

Just like it says, I have a cold. Here in Phoenix it’s been pollinating like crazy the last two weeks between all the desert plants and the citrus. Wednesday afternoon I started getting some sniffles and itchy eyes and I thought it was just some new plant’s pollen rearing it’s ugly head.

Well by yesterday morning I had a full-on head cold with headache, stuff/runny nose, congestion, and itchy eyes.

Now, it’s Friday morning and I’ve barely slept for the last two days because of it.

I can’t record when I have a cold, and I’m actually pretty far behind in my YouTube video recordings right now, so this weekend will be a lot of catchup in that area.

I did manage to get a little bit of writing done yesterday, but it was about 20% effective over the four hours I tried to get outlining done. Not the best, but I tried at least.

Here’s hoping I get better soon!

Till tomorrow,


Free Steampunk Story! Plus More Deals!

For the next five days, in anticipation of the release of my Korrigan Chronicles Episode 02, I’m giving away free copies of my Steampunk WWII story, Into the Void.

Go check it out, and spread the word! It’s a fun little story with alternate history Royal Air Force and nuclear-powered pistols. It’s free so you have nothing to lose! WOO! Did I mention that it’s free?

Also, on April 4th, I’ll be starting a countdown deal on A Moonlit Task, my full-length urban fantasy novel set in modern-day Madison, Wisconsin. I have 14 rave reviews on it already, and I’m working on book 2 right now, but if you know of anyone who might want it, it’ll be $0.99 starting on Tuesday!

Thanks to everyone for their massive support this year with my foray into authorship. I’ve been a busy little bee with various writing projects, but I’m having fun and enjoying everything I do.

I’ve had a ton of success on this blog, I’m so glad that everyone enjoys my daily ramblings, and I have a lot more in store for writing as the year goes by. I ain’t going anywhere!

Till tomorrow,


Don’t Forget your Amazon KDP Promos!

I published my first short story Into the Void on January 5th of this year. That means it’s been nearly three months since it went live.

That’s a milestone for sure, I’ve been a “published author” for three months now. But one thing I forgot until today was that one of the benefits of being Amazon Exclusive is that you get promotions to use during each period. These can be free days or a countdown deal. They are also “use them or lose them”, and I’ll lose mine on Tuesday.

So, today, as I was creating the pre-order for Korrigan 03, and double-checking that things are ready for next Tuesday’s launch of Korrigan 02 hype, I realized I was about to miss out on a promotion for Into the Void.

So I created it! Starting tomorrow, March 30th, I’ll have a 5-day free giveaway for Into the Void.

I’m also working on a couple other promotional things related to A Moonlit Task, and some AMS ads to crowd around the launch of Korrigan 02. Once I get all those in place I’ll let you know, but stacking promos around book launches is supposed to be something that helps get you noticed.

Here’s hoping it works! I’ll be sure to discuss my feelings on them after next week.

Till tomorrow,



So I’ve been thinking about getting myself a better keyboard for my writing. I hear from many forums that mechanicals are supposed to be better for writers as far as wrists are concerned. It’s something that is on my mind lately as I’m getting older and when I use the keyboard/mouse too much in a week I definitely start paying for it.

If anyone has a recommendation for a good mechanical keyboard, I’d love to know.

Past that, just trying to finish up outlines, and keep up with everything else.

Till tomorrow,


So Much Sleep

So after being super tired for a while, I finally managed to get myself a decent night’s sleep last night. 9.5 hours! That’s like, a record for this year I think. In fact, let me look that up (my iPhone has a tracker for that.)

Nope, scratch that, I had 9:45 sleep two weeks ago, which incidentally was the last really good rest I've had till today.

So yeah, lesson is: get your sleep folks. Take care of yourself.

I also noticed that the severe lack of sleep began when I began my late-night forays into streaming my writing. As much as I enjoyed the productivity it gave me, I think the late-night nature, staying up with bright lights, streaming, and having to be "on" that late was detrimental to my sleep patterns.

I don't think it was all just the streaming though, I've also been working really hard the last couple weeks on this LitRPG outline, which if you remember correctly consisted of making an outline, beginning to execute to that outline to the tune of 10K words, then getting feedback on that. Getting some reality checks to the nature of the lack of tension in my story, and going back to the drawing board for it.

Now, here I am, about 2-3 weeks later since starting the original outline, and I'm about halfway done with the outline for book one. I have most of the series mapped out and I'm generally happy with all of that, now I just need to finish up the outline for book 2 and I can start in on the writing of it.

But that being said, I think I have enough of the beginning to start in on first draft again. I think tomorrow I'll see about streaming again (in the evening, not late at night this time) and we'll see how much of the original storyline I can keep. Much of it will have to be re-written, and it might just be best to throw it all away and start over.

Such is the nature of writing stories.

Till tomorrow,


Lack of Sleep

Haven’t been sleeping well lately, and I think the reason is lack of exercise. I need to do better about that.

I have an Apple Watch, and I have been doing well for the last few months getting my stand and activity goals, but I think my exercise hasn’t been enough to keep up with the workload lately.

I think tonight, it’s time to go to bed early, and wake up tomorrow for some pavement-pounding work.

Till tomorrow,


Outline Progress

I think I finally have the outline for my LitRPG series done. I know what each book will contain, and I think I have all the major twists, turns, and plot elements for them locked down.

Today, I spent time going over my original outline for book 1, and adding in all the new elements from the last week into it. Right now I'm about halfway done, and I hope to finish up the copy/paste/reorganizing this weekend. That should be enough for me to get back into first drafting while I finish polishing up the outline.

I'm okay with writing part of the book while I'm finalizing the outline. Even if some or all of gets thrown away, it's useful. I can use the details I wrote in other parts of the story, and sometimes it helps inform the story.

So yeah, slowly getting there. I'm really happy with the overall story, and I think book one is going to start off much better than I had in the past. I also came up with a unique spin on one of the characters that shouldn't require too much work to get it going.

Till tomorrow,