Endings, Beginnings, and Staying in Touch

Last night marked the end of the Apprentice program with Sterling and Stone for me.

I’ve been in the program for the last nine months and I can’t easily articulate just how much I’ve grown over this time, which of course means I’ll be delving into it at length here on the blog over the next few weeks/month, but today I wanted to discuss how to stay in touch with people once things end.

I’ve been in a number of writing groups over the past few years, both local through Meetup.com, and larger groups like when I did the Out of Excuses Writing Cruise in 2015.

While you’re in the midst of things, it’s easy to take advantage of the closeness and tight-knit nature of the shared experience, but when you get home from your writing vacation, or things don’t quite work out with your writing group and you go your separate ways, I think it’s important to stay in touch.

Here’s the thing: the information you gain from most of these groups is generally available other places. If you hunt enough, you can dig up all the tips, tricks, and opinions again, but it is vitally important to hold onto the relationships you have built.

My apprentice group is making a few concerted efforts to make sure we all stay in touch now that the program is over.

We have a couple Facebook groups going, both for the larger group as a whole as well as more genre-focused ones.

One of our members started up a newsletter for everyone involved, to make sure we can still contact one another for things like new releases, and other fun life events.

Finally, the wonderful guys (even though it’s not only guys there anymore,) are keeping the email message list open for us to continue to communicate.

I have more to say about this, but for now, I’ve been up drinking and saying goodbye to too many people so this is as far as my brain can handle.

Till tomorrow,


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