That Dammed Berehynia available for pre-order

So I put up my fourth piece of writing on Amazon today for pre-order. It's Episode Two in The Korrigan Chronicles.

For those of you not already following along, The Korrigan Chronicles is a short story series I'll be releasing monthly for the rest of the year. It follows Korrigan, the last dwarf of earth. The series of vignettes around his life each take place about a decade apart and begin in the 1920's.

The series is set in the same world as A Moonlit Task so fans of that series should have a lot to love about this series.

Conversely, since Nancy Moon is new to the whole world of magic, Korrigan is seeped in it. Nancy is female, Korrigan is male, Nancy is a little more light-hearted while Korrigan deals with some heavier themes. Korrigan's seen some shit in his life, and has the baggage to prove it.

I wouldn't normally be announcing stuff so quickly here, but I'm playing a bit of catch up currently. I didn't start the series until January and had to outline, write, edit, and handle copy edit since then. I'm currently writing episode five right now, and episode three just got back from the copy editor.

I had to get the pre-order of Episode 2 out before the launch of Episode 1 so that I could have links to the second episode inside #1. The joys of self-publishing, where you have to plan things out ahead of time.

So yeah, big day. Price on Korrigan 01 has gone up, but Korrigan 02 is discounted for a while, so take advantage of it!

Also, it's not too late to get a free copy of The Sacking of Gildebrand Manor (Korrigan 01) in exchange for a review, email me and I'll be happy to hook you up!

Till tomorrow,


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