Deadpool Distractions

It’s funny, but my weekends are busier than my weekdays sometimes.

Saturdays are my one day a week I get to sleep in. No kids, no spouse, just me, my mattress, drawn blinds to blot out the Arizona sun, and sweet sweet dreams.

I woke up a little before 9 am, thus getting in a study 9 hours of sleep. I think a record for this year. I got myself some coffee and sat down to get to writing. One of the accountability groups I’m in has a zoom room that we use as a bit of a virtual office. I hopped online, and oh, there are two people here already with their cameras and mics turned off.

So I got to work. I’m currently drafting Korrigan 05, so I knocked out about 1200 words on that story, looked up some words related to dragons. TIL consort is the word I was looking up. #ThanksMary. Other writers are the best!

After that, I did some other writerly-related things, including some minor editing, then I found out the new Deadpool teaser came out.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m a complete sucker for things like that. Writing one minute, working hard, when bam, something comes out of the ether to distract you.

Yeah, Deadpool’s little teaser was so cool I showed it to my college-age daughter, who hadn’t seen Deadpool. “Whaaa? You haven’t seen it?”

So yeah, we watched it together. Thus is the power of family.

After Deadpool, I knocked out four Factorio videos and called it a day around 8 pm.

Then I did some critiques for my writer’s group tomorrow, and wife and I enjoyed watching a couple of shows before bed.

Long day, but worth it.

Till tomorrow,


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