Another fun release day!

Yesterday I launched the first in a new series called The Korrigan Chronicles, and everyone’s support was fantastic! Thank you all for liking my FB page and buying the book. Seriously, it was awesome.

I decided to do a bit of a softer launch this time, seeing how I just launched something last month and I’ll be doing it again every month from here through the end of the year, so I promise I won’t be bothering you all too much.

After work yesterday I met with one of my accountability groups (I’m in like, five, I think?) and we discussed some plans for a litRPG series I’ve been outlining in the background.

I think my overall plan for writing this series is coming together, and I’m thinking about sharing my words up on the blog to make it more of a publicly available thing. I might even use it to be my “daily content” here on the blog, so we’ll see how things go as far as that is concerned. Who knows, I might just start posting them, but I think putting it on a separate blog might be the better choice so that it doesn’t interfere with my blogging here.

Either that or I might put it all up on Royalroad. I haven’t figured it all quite yet, but I’ll keep you posted!

Till tomorrow,


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