Meeting at Starbucks

Met with a couple local author friends at a Starbucks tonight. In typical tortured artist fashion we all had our MacBooks and our Venti lattes and sat outside while talking about contracts, agents, and book sales.

It was nice since this was the first time I’ve been able to do this with other authors after actually having sold something. I was proud to be a typical writer mooching the free wifi while I nursed my cold drink.

I’d do it again as well because you know, Frappuccino. Oh, and hanging out with authors is a blast.

Despite the cud chewing, it was a successful night.

I mapped out the overall storyline for Korrigan 06, which I’m thinking needs some ending tension help, but we’ll see how it goes. There is also a relationship between two characters I need to decide something on. Do I give them a happy or sad ending? These are tough questions that I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer.

And yet it’s my job to answer them. Strange that.

Till tomorrow,


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