How the week goes by

Can you believe it’s Friday already? Yeah, neither can I, which is why I’m writing this today, utterly incredulous over this fact.

Seriously, where does the time go?

Well, I’ll tell you. I just finished up a 17 hour day, and I’ve pretty much had them every day this week. Wake up, go to work for 9 hours, finish up work, sit down at the computer and get some recording done for a couple hours. Finish that up, move into editing my latest Korrigan story. Eat, spend a little time with family before heading back to the office.

Two more hours of drafting, followed by a much-deserved break where the missus and I watch a tv show as the kids are going to bed.

When everyone else goes to bed, I hop back on the computer for another couple hours of a secret project that I can’t wait to announce soon.

Knock out this blog post around 11:45, head to bed at midnight. Alarm set for 6:30 to do it all over again.

Despite the long hours and busy schedule, I’m happy. I’m getting in my steps each day, the Apple Watch is an excellent tool for making sure I don’t just sit down for the entire day. I’ve walked over 3 miles today, 6000 steps, and gotten my 30 minutes of elevated heart rate to count as exercise. It’s not ideal, but it’s helping.

So yeah, this has been my week, which is why all my blog posts are so terse lately. I’m busy working on five different projects at once.

This weekend I’ll be out all day Saturday for a family event, and my son’s birthday party will be tonight with immediate relatives coming by. Missing out on a day and a half of valuable production time by being out of town hurts when you’ve packed your schedule this much, so I hoped to do extra through the week to make up for the missing time this weekend.

Till tomorrow,


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