New Writing YouTube Channel

I have a new YouTube Channel, as well as a new blog, both dedicated to writing.

For those of you who have been following along for a while now, you may know I run a daily gaming channel on YouTube. While I talk about my writing from time-to-time on my videos, that channel is supposed to stay for gaming. After much thought, I decided to create a dedicated channel for my writing.

What’s it going to have? At this point, mostly lifestreams.

That’s right! I’m also announcing lifestreams!

So far I’ve been streaming my writing late at night, usually between 10 and 11 PM MST (Arizona time). I write for an hour or so, till I’m starting to nod off, sharing my screen.

It may seem strange, but I enjoy it, and I have to write the damned book anyway, so I might as well double dip on the content and get a video out of it.

It also keeps me honest. It’s much harder to get distracted by the internet, Netflix (shotgunning Arrested Development is my latest addiction,) or the freshest dank memes. While I’m live, I need to write: butt in chair, hands on the keyboard, always moving forward.

I’ve been planning to do this for a while in fact. Truth be told, one of the reasons I started my gaming channel, to begin with, was so I could use that to gain the experience and knowledge to put my writing on YouTube. Now I have a professional quality mic, a decent recording setup and I’m happy with the production quality.

So what am I writing? I’ll discuss that in the next post.

Till tomorrow,

Tom H.

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