The Power of Consistency

I recently finished a fantastic book called The Power of Consistancy by Weldon Long.

I loved this book. It sung to be in a way that a self-help book hasn't in a long time.

Weldon was a three-time loser, having been locked up for seven year in prison, abandoned his son, and turned all of that around in a couple years after getting out of prison.

He didn't blame his problems on others, he accepted responsibility for all his faults, mistakes, and thoughts, and worked hard for years while serving out his sentence to change his value and choices.

I wish more people would do this, accept responsibility for their actions, and not blame everyone else around them for their troubles. Sure, we all grow up with baggage from our parents, and society at large, but once we are adults and on our own, it's our choice to continue holding carrying that baggage with us. Each time we move, we pack that same baggage up that we've been carrying since we were four. Each time it's a little bit larger, and for some reason we choose not to leave it behind.

Seriously, read this book. It's good to know there are people out there who think like this and try to share this message.

Till tomorrow,


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