I Love Feedback 2

Getting feedback can be a double-edged sword. Today was a bit of a rough one in that I got a lot of it, all negative, for two different things I’m working on.

But it’s okay! I knew when I sent one of them out that I had no tension, and I think I already knew how to fix it before I got the feedback. But it still sucks when you hear it, so it’s just one of those things you just have to put on your big-boy pants and deal with as a writer. Even when you know something is wrong, it’s harder hearing it from someone else, but it’s more honest coming from them because your mind has a way of sugarcoating the truth.

Secondly, I got some feedback on my latest Korrigan story that got me thinking about the direction I was headed with it, and I think I’ve gotten a little off-track with it. The problem wasn’t with this story, I think the issue was with the last story.

I can’t give spoilers for the story (well I can, but I shouldn’t) but suffice it to say that Korrigan Ep 5 isn’t a gumdrop and rainbows story. It’s a complicated, raw, and honest look at some of the things our species has done for the name of progression, and that story’s main purpose was to have Korrigan make a really hard choice.

Do you go against what everyone around you says, to save a life, even if that life might end up being one having to live in fear and hiding? (But what life would it be?)

It’s a heavy topic and probably one I shouldn’t be trying to touch on this early in my career, but I’m taking a chance with it. The issue is that what I saw as a really pivotal choice for Korrigan, turned out to be a very different story for everyone else. They really liked the direction the “larger” story was going.

Only that wasn’t my plan. I’ve mentioned this in the past but these stories only touch on a couple hours of Korrigan’s life once every 10 years. So much else happens off camera, and my readers really wanted to see all the interesting things that were happening off camera, which was never my intent.

So when I went as planned into Korrigan 06, the feedback was largely negative because the off-camera stuff wasn’t touched on at all between 05 and 06. While I was focusing on Korrigan’s progression down a pre-determined path, my worldbuilding is starting to be more interesting.

Which means the issue is actually with 05, not 06. I need to make sure that 05 focuses more on Korrigan and the choice he makes, not the larger story that I have no intention of delving into at this time. I may come back to it at some point, but right now Korrigan has a specific story to tell and that’s the one I’m telling.

I’m sure that’s all as clear as mud, but you’ll see the story someday and hopefully I’ll have it fixed.

I might even give out the original version of the story so you can see the direction I was going gulp.

Till tomorrow,


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