Balancing Act

Trying to juggle multiple projects has its upsides and downsides.

Here are all the writing projects I currently have on my plate:

  • Nancy Book 2 Content Edit
  • Nancy Book 3 Outline
  • Korrigan 02 Copy Edit and release
  • Korrigan 03 copy edit
  • Korrigan 06 alpha edit and submit for critique
  • Korrigan 07 outline and first draft
  • litRPG book 1 draft
  • litRPG series outline (need far better than I have)

To be honest, I don't work on each of these every day. there is a priority system. I have the next Korrigan (06) due to my critique group on Wednesday, so that is the priority right now, and once that is done I’ll work on 02 because that has to release April 4th.

Having so many irons in the fire can be a bit frustrating, but I seem to enjoy, or at least handle the chaos. I tend to rise to the occasion when I am under deadline (I wrote an entire Korrigan story in one day because it was due that night).

It also gives me the benefit of being able to bounce between projects. Not feeling the litRPG book 1 draft tonight? No problem, I can work on outlining.

Sick of Nancy book 2? Work on Korrigan.

It’s a mess, but it seems to work for me. So yeah, even though Korrigan 06 is due next, I’m currently in the zone for litRPG outlining, so I’m going to get back to that.

Till tomorrow,


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