A/B stories

Deep in the weeds lately, working on the outline for my litRPG series. I think I’ve gotten enough done that I can keep going with the first draft again, but I do want to finalize a few key details with this outline before I dive too much into it.

I’ve written an A/B story once before. Everything else I’ve done so far is pretty linear, but the second “book” I ever wrote (I say “book” in quotes because it was a first draft and I never did a complete edit on it to complete the story) had an A/B story.

I had an old man reliving his life while his daughter and granddaughter learned about it. I had to have two parallels storylines, one set in the past, while another is set in current time.

It was a fun story to write and outline, and I’m doing something similar here.

Past that, not much else to say. Hopefully I should have more to discuss as I work through some of the issues I have with this outline.

Till tomorrow,


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