Stranger Things

Can you believe I haven't seen this series? I know, I know. It's a crime.

My wife and I started it shortly after it originally came out, watched the first two episodes, and said "Wow, this is good. The kids would love to watch this."

Theeeeeennnnn nine months later, we hadn't found the time to sit down as a family and watch the show. Life with teenagers is busy, especially when you're trying to launch a writing career while keeping everything else going. We don't watch a lot of TV as it is, so we want to make sure we can commit to a series before we start.

Unfortunately, the kid's spring break is nearly over, and we've only made it to ep 5. Here's hoping we can actually the series before summer!

Now if only my wife and I can find the time to finish up Luke Cage…

Till tomorrow,


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