Outline Progress

I think I finally have the outline for my LitRPG series done. I know what each book will contain, and I think I have all the major twists, turns, and plot elements for them locked down.

Today, I spent time going over my original outline for book 1, and adding in all the new elements from the last week into it. Right now I'm about halfway done, and I hope to finish up the copy/paste/reorganizing this weekend. That should be enough for me to get back into first drafting while I finish polishing up the outline.

I'm okay with writing part of the book while I'm finalizing the outline. Even if some or all of gets thrown away, it's useful. I can use the details I wrote in other parts of the story, and sometimes it helps inform the story.

So yeah, slowly getting there. I'm really happy with the overall story, and I think book one is going to start off much better than I had in the past. I also came up with a unique spin on one of the characters that shouldn't require too much work to get it going.

Till tomorrow,


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