So Much Sleep

So after being super tired for a while, I finally managed to get myself a decent night’s sleep last night. 9.5 hours! That’s like, a record for this year I think. In fact, let me look that up (my iPhone has a tracker for that.)

Nope, scratch that, I had 9:45 sleep two weeks ago, which incidentally was the last really good rest I've had till today.

So yeah, lesson is: get your sleep folks. Take care of yourself.

I also noticed that the severe lack of sleep began when I began my late-night forays into streaming my writing. As much as I enjoyed the productivity it gave me, I think the late-night nature, staying up with bright lights, streaming, and having to be "on" that late was detrimental to my sleep patterns.

I don't think it was all just the streaming though, I've also been working really hard the last couple weeks on this LitRPG outline, which if you remember correctly consisted of making an outline, beginning to execute to that outline to the tune of 10K words, then getting feedback on that. Getting some reality checks to the nature of the lack of tension in my story, and going back to the drawing board for it.

Now, here I am, about 2-3 weeks later since starting the original outline, and I'm about halfway done with the outline for book one. I have most of the series mapped out and I'm generally happy with all of that, now I just need to finish up the outline for book 2 and I can start in on the writing of it.

But that being said, I think I have enough of the beginning to start in on first draft again. I think tomorrow I'll see about streaming again (in the evening, not late at night this time) and we'll see how much of the original storyline I can keep. Much of it will have to be re-written, and it might just be best to throw it all away and start over.

Such is the nature of writing stories.

Till tomorrow,


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